Alvelyn Sanders-Swafford has released a new book titled, “Lord, Have Mercy: 5 Go To Prayers When You Need To Pray, But Don’t Know What To Say.” Sanders-Swafford, an ordained minister, pastor, and award-winning filmmaker and writer, shares her personal story of a five- year wilderness season. During that time, prayer was all she had to sustain her. She provides five prayers to reaffirm yourself and remind you that difficult moments may come, but you can overcome them with God’s help.

Sanders-Swafford shares the following:
“During my five-year wilderness experience, prayer was the only thing I had. In the midst of it all, I still believed Jesus was with me, loved me, kept me, and had a future for me – I just had to get there. Prayers in this book were developed during, or inspired by, that personal wilderness experience. They are my go-to prayers. They served me in times when I did not know what to say, but I knew I needed to pray because prayer was all I had. These prayers carried me then – and they carry me today. I offer them to you now to help you get through your wilderness experience – or a challenging season you may be facing. I believe in the power of prayer.”

She offers these prayers to help anyone who may feel lost, discouraged, or scared overcome difficult moments in life. If you pray every day, or rarely pray, this book is still for you. These five, one-sentence prayers, along with personal stories and easy to follow biblical illustrations invite readers to grow closer to God and Jesus Christ as they strive to hear from God and follow God’s direction for their life. Read them now and save them for later.